This article is published in the Jakarta Post on 19 February 2016.  Please click to the link below for the full article in English. Below is the my translation of the article in Bahasa Indonesia: “Menyoal Infrastruktur Riset di Indonesia”  Beberapa bulan ke belakang, media menurunkan pemberitaan seputar penemuan Dr. Warsito Purwo Taruno, yaitu […]

Entrepreneurship has always been understood as the way in which new economic avenues are opened. There are three aspects considered as being entrepreneurial: offering something new to the market, becoming a new competitor in an existing market and geographical expansion of an existing business. When BBC and Globescan announced that Indonesia topped the list of […]

Most senior managers in Indonesia claim that they have strong social values.  However, our findings show that they don’t seem confident their corporate social activities (or CSR) yield good performance.  This is revealed from a survey of 89 medium and large company CEOs in Indonesia in 2012.   The survey was distributed to CEOs, Directors, […]

When Schineder and Teske (1992) outline a theory of political entrepreneurs, they refer to those individuals who change the direction and flow of politics.  Borrowing the logic of commercial entrepreneurs, they are those who bring equilibrium in politics – politicians who help getting things back into order.    They may exert Schumpeterian’s logic of creative destruction where they alter […]

My opinion article was published in the Jakarta Post (English newspaper) sometimes ago.  It comments on the growing tendency of people treating political parties as private organisations.  Political parties are not private organisations; instead functioning political parties ensure that a democracy runs well.  This distinction is important.    Click the link below to read the full […]

Lagi, sebuah artikel tentang hubungan antara CSR dan social enterprise.  Melalui CSR, perusahaan memiliki peran yang sangat penting dalam peningkatan kesejahteraan masyarakat.   Tantangan program CSR adalah memastikan bahwa masyarakat dapat menerima manfaat secara berkelanjutan.   Oleh karena tujuan dan desain organisasi yang unik, social enterprise dapat menjadi mitra CSR untuk memastikan program CSR yang […]

Seperti apa sajakah jenis perusahaan di Indonesia? Sesungguhnya, jenis-jenis perusahaan dapat dibayangkan sebagai titik-titik di dalam sebuah spektrum panjang yang menunjukkan derajat dampak negatif dan positif yang dihasilkan kepada lingkungan sekitar (lihat gambar 1).  Semakin ke kanan, dampak positif kepada lingkungan dan sosial semakin tinggi dihasilkan; sebaliknya semakin kiri, semakin kecil dampak positif, namun semakin […]